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Fall Is Here!

Going from near 100 degree days down to thunder, lightening & pouring rain in less than a week is a bit daunting. This is a good reminder that it is time to check your HVAC system and thermostat batteries! Be sure to replace your furnace filters so the air can free flow through the system. Overworking your HVAC system by operating through dirty filters is the #1 cause of malfunctions. Break out that Pumpkin Spice, slide on your slippers and cozy up with a good book – You deserve it!

Cold Winter = Electricity Increase

We have received calls regarding higher electric and gas bills in the recent weeks. With the extremely cold weather for extended periods this is an unfortunate ripple effect. Several news outlets have ran stories about the electricity bill spike throughout the metro area.  We do not have control over your electricity bills but we did a little research and found some wonderful resources Portland General, Pacific Power and NW Natural offer.  Please find links below.


Portland General Electric “high bill” help page:  Portland General Electric

NW Natural “WARM” Program: NW Natural

Pacific Power “Home Efficiency Tips”: Pacific Power

Winter Storm Cleanup


This rolling winter storm has put many Portland area residents in a whirlwind.  From the beautiful light blanket of snow to the freezing rain and icy roads we can safely say we have had our winter fill.  It is not over quite yet but now that we can see some defrosting we can also see some of the damage its beauty has left behind.  Notably, as we venture out to different properties it has become evident that tree branches are down.  If you have branches or trees down at your property be sure to submit a work order so we can put it on our schedule for removal.  If the tree or branch is not affecting the property or access, they will be on the schedule once the ice and snow have melted.  If it is affecting access or your home it will be prioritized accordingly.  When submitting a work order for the branch/tree please add photos if possible.  Check out the perimeter of your property for suspicious leaning trees and/or splits as pictured below.  Work orders can be submitted through your tenant portal or via email.  If you do not have a tenant portal set up please send us an email and we will get that going for you!


winter storm broken branches

Broken Branches